Why struggle with crooked labels when your logo or personalized text can be stamped directly on our Hard Bottom Poly Gift Bags. The cardboard bottom allows even the lightest weight products to stand properly for display. All Hard Bottom Poly Gift Bags are imported from Europe and are safe for direct food contact. Our Hard Bottom Poly Gift Bags are made of Clear 1.4 mil. Cellophane plastic film. These bags have hard bottoms which make them stand up perfectly while filled with just about anything! Our Soft Bottom Stand-up Bags are made of 2.5 mil polypropylene laminated plastic film, twice the thickness of others in the market and have foil accents. All of our Poly Gift Bags are heat sealable. Made in the USA and FDA compliant for direct food contact. Not sure which color or style of poly bag you need? Contact us today at 1.800.666.3722 or sales@modpac.com to request a sample. Always try before you buy!

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