Our line of Easter Egg Gift Boxes range in size from a 1/4 lb. size up to a 3 lb. size so you can be confident we have one to accommodate your holiday treat. We have designed these Easter Egg Gift Boxes with high impact, multi-color graphics to create a unique Easter and Spring-like look that will capture the customers’ attention! Confectionery and gift items alike can also be packaged in these gift boxes, brightening any gift basket or store display. Applications include individually wrapped hard candy and taffy as well as gifts. All of our Egg Candy Boxes can be custom printed with your store name or logo – to brand your store image or you can get them personalized for your clients’ special event. All MOD-PAC boxes are made of paperboard approved by the FDA for direct food contact and are proudly made in the USA. Not sure which Easter Egg Box is right for you? Contact us today at 1.800.666.3722 or sales@modpac.com to request a sample. Always try before you buy!